Appointments FAQs

How do I get an appointment?

The easiest and most effective method is to contact us using the practice website contact methods, or you can telephone. You will then be contacted by a clinician to talk through your symptoms either over the telephone, via email, or if needed and you have the available technology, through a video consultation.

To request an appointment, please visit our Consulting Room.

Why can’t I book a face-to-face appointment?

We have adapted the way in which you can get an appointment quickly and safely.

Most patient’s health concerns can be managed over the phone or via video consultation. This is why we are providing you with either an initial phone call or video consultation to decide what would be the best way to help. If we can support you without needing you to come into the practice then we reduce the need for you to travel and reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

If you do need a face-to-face appointment due to your health or social needs, this will be discussed as part of the triage process between you and the clinician to support you to access your care in the most appropriate way. Dependent on your individual circumstances this could be delivered through you attending the practice for a pre-booked appointment or a home visit.

If we can ensure there are a minimal number of people in the practice, we can maintain social distancing and keep patients and staff safe.