Research Practice

Our practice is research active and invites patients to take part in trials to find new ways of diagnosing and treating health conditions.

Conducting high-quality clinical research helps us to keep improving NHS care by finding out which treatments work best.

We may send texts or letters out if you are suitable for any study.

Get in touch if you are interested, if you are not please delete or shred the information.

To find out more about the research we conduct, and how to take part, visit the Breckland Alliance Research website, or scan the QR Code below to be taken to the website on your smartphone:

Alternatively, if you are interested in taking part in any studies or have received a letter inviting you into a specific trial, please contact the research team on 01842 767621 or 07342 373029. Alternatively, please email the team on

Below are some examples of current studies underway.

Current Studies


Looking at Herring Oil and its affects on Psoriasis

Hip Dysplasia in Infants – Great Ormond Street Hospital

Infants are assessed at about 8 to 10 weeks old to see if there are issues with their joints. This study is looking to see how can more appropriate referrals be made in any cases of potential hip dysplasia


The study is about appetite, eating patterns and nutrition in people aged 75 and above


Looking at a new reliever inhaler for people with mild asthma

How we use your data

People in your care team may look at your health records to check whether you are suitable to take part in a research study, before asking you whether you are interested or sending you a letter on behalf of the researcher.

We may use third parties such as Docmail or similar companies to reduce the costs of sending you this letter and they may receive your name and address to send this letter on our behalf as our data processor.